Saturday, August 13, 2011

30 Days about me~Day 12

Day 12

Something you are OCD about

There are very few things I am OCD about!  With 8 children I would be in the loony bin very quickly if I was OCD about anything.

But the 1 thing I can NOT stand is the lazy people who do not use their turn indicators.  COME ON  how much work is it to move a FINGER to turn it on!!!   (I feel better!!)

That was my biggest pet peeve,  then we moved up north and the people don't know how to drive,  or else they don't care!  There is one light here that if you are trying to go north or south good luck,  the people who are going east and west will pull into the intersection to the point of even if it is green for you you can not go because of them blocking traffic!!!!  Drives me batty!  

Ok,  and that is the rant for today!


Toni @ A Daily Dose said...

I am giggling at the turn indicator frustration.

Donna said...

The turn indicator is a pet peeve of mine for sure.

And I'm not OCD about anything either and I only have one child. :-)

Becca said...

I complain when my family and friends do that. They all make excuses but I use mine all the time...even on empty roads LOL

Mrs.B said...

Toni~Glad to make you giggle

Donna~it is super frustrating

Becca~my parents live off a long drive and she still teases me about my use of a turn indicator at the end of it!

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