Friday, August 5, 2011

30 Days about me~Day 4

Your favorite book!!  Now how could she do this to me.  I am a book lover here and to just give one favorite doesn't work.  Ok here is a list of my favorites

1. Little House on the Prairie Series (yeah I know this is a series,  but you can't just read one!)
2.  Beatrix Potter series (I know it is a kids series but love the stories just the same)
3. The Red Tent (amazing story of midwifery,  it does have adult content)
4. Any of the Lemony Snicket books.  they make me laugh
5. Gone With the Wind (It is a book I read once a year)

and my all time favorite book is

 Kay Arthur’s dramatic, epic style novel is now available in softcover with a beautiful new cover and a historical timeline that corresponds with the fascinating retelling of Israel’s story. History comes alive as Kay begins with the tragic mistakes that led to Israel’s captivity by Babylon and takes readers all the way to the modern day miracles of triumph against all odds. A heartwarming novel filled with adventure and suspense, Israel, My Beloved is an incredible testimony of God’s great love and faithfulness even in Israel’s darkest hour.

I read this book over and over and never get bored with it.  I consider it a must read.


Cyn said...

It's added to the list! I'll definitely give it a shot.

(Stopping by from 30 Days About Me)

Anonymous said...

Ack! Again, how could I forget "Little House on the Prairie". definitely my favorite from my childhood and I got my oldest dd to read most of them though she never finished. Have to get them before they get too pre-teeny. lol

Chloe said...

Oh, I like Lemony Snicket!

chili pepper said...

Love the Little House Series. My kids started rereading them aloud recently. I have been wanting to read the Red Tent... will order it from Amazon now. Thanks for the reminder.


momstheword said...

My hubby used to read to us every night (before Bible time) when the kids were little. He read several books but some were the Little House books.

We have the series on dvd and my youngest son and his dad watched every single show together. They finally watched the last show last year when my son was 17 (it took them awhile to get thru it, lol!)

Becca said...

I need to read the Red Tent. One day...

Carissa said...

Wow I love this list...this is my favorite day as I hope it leads to many more books on my nook!!!!!

Toni said...

Gone With The Wind...swoon. I loved the t.v. series Little House I bet I would adore the books :)

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