Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Busy Summer Time

The children and I have been trying to keep ourselves busy this summer.  
And for those who asked,  Levi recovered nicely from the dog bite.

The biggest thing we have been doing is the summer reading program at our library. 
The theme was one world many stories.

The children had such a wonderful time.  We read alot of the books on different countries of the world.  Our favorite series is the Discover the World series.

They have soooo many different countries they cover.  And they have such neat facts on each nation in an Alphabet form.  The children learned alot with out "being in school"  Some of our favorites are.

They are all done by Sleeping Bear Press.  They have a website that has wonderful learning activities on it.  

The library did some wonderful programs.

We enjoyed talking with the soldiers from Camp Grayling.  The children all got to ride in the gunner position on a hummer and thought it was super neat.  The soldiers were very professional and explained things to all the children and did a fantastic job.

We also enjoyed the marimba mania very much.  Dave did a fantastic job.  The children were enthralled with every song he played and loved the interaction.  They enjoyed dancing to his music and playing along with him.  I hope he is back next year.

The last activity was a HUGE disappointment.  The lady who did the program started off with a short tirade against men and how she was married but was never gonna do that again and how awful it was.  I was shocked and embarrassed for the children.  It was not anything relevant to the program and so not needed.

But all in all the summer programs were good.  Made some great memories and will be waiting anxiously to see what next years theme is.

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