Friday, August 12, 2011

No This Is NOT Friday's Funnies

Even though everyone who hears this story busts up laughing this is NOT my friday funny!
So no laughing!!

Last Saturday I did not feel like doing anything.  Just one of those types of days.  I laid around with the kiddos and listened to the Christian radio programs with them.  We played a bit and I facebooked a bit.

I thought I should get ambitious so I decided to finish up the Dining room.  I had the windows washed and the walls were done.  I just needed to mop and rehang the curtains.  So I had my girlie on one chair and I hoped up on the other.  She was having a hard time with her end so I leaned over to help her.

I forgot that we had a ceiling fan and that it was on.  And yep I stuck my head in it.  And silly me did not know why my head was hurting so badly so I stuck my hand up to check it out and stopped the fan with my hand.

Oh did that hurt

So I grabbed ice and laid down.  I fell asleep till my hubby got home and then I got back into mommy mode.
I was out of sorts Sunday and just not myself.  Then Monday we went and visited with some friends of ours and still wasn't feeling well.

So to the Dr's I went.  I was queasy and dizzy and the headache was unbearable.  The doctor laughed so hard when she heard what had happened.  Then she decided to do a CT scan to make sure I was not bleeding on the brain.

CT SCAN!!!!  I HATE enclosed places.  But off I went

I took a deep breathe and did it.  But not after enduring more laughter from the registration desk and the nurses.  They thought when all the paper work said STAT it would have been from something a bit more dramatic than just a ceiling fan.

CT scan came back just fine.  So off I went with orders to rest and some meds to help with the nausea.  I have slept almost constant since then and am so glad to be up and around.  Hubby told me to still take it easy and get back into a normal routine next week.

Will be so glad to do so!


The Real Me! said...

I'm telling you housework is not healthy. LOL!
I'm glad you are recouping and there isn't any permanent damage.
Get some rest and stay off those chairs.
Have a great day.

Lisa said...

Oh My Goodness! I am so glad you are ok!!! Miss you all so much!!

chili pepper said...

I am so glad to hear you are okay... but I did have to laugh out loud for a while. Not because of your pain... because I have done the same idiot thing. I tell my kids all the time to turn off the fan before they get on a chair to reach in the cupboard..."Or else you will get hurt" and then I climbed on the chair and didn't turn the fan off and WACK!! I was seriously seeing stars. And I couldn't even get help because then I would have to explain what I had done.

Hope you feel better soon!

No worse for the wear,


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