Tuesday, January 15, 2013

As Unto the Lord

They are few things that really test my Christianity.  Ok, maybe more than a few.  And thankfully this one does not show up here that often.  It is a sick husband

See that picture,  yeah that is not me!  At all.  

I am more likely to be the wife who when her husband is asking for a box of tissues to be yelling at him that she is busy and to go find the tissues himself.

And really why is it that a husband can come down with the same virus the wife is getting over but he is wayyyyyyyy more ill than she was.  He is on deaths door.  And the tissues feel like sand paper to his nose, the house is never warm enough, or cold enough.  He did not want the cough medicine you bought him.  He wanted one with a cough suppressant not an expectorant!!!  And why does the soup you made him have no flavor.  

Do you see your husband in any of the above?  
When men become ill they are always at deaths door.  Or so it seems to us ladies.

So how does this tie in with serving as unto the Lord.

When we are serving and taking care of our family it should be done as unto the Lord.  We should do it with all our might, or to the best of our abilities.  Even caring for our husbands.

As I was ready to scream at him to stop being a big baby I saw my memorial wall.  I find little things to tack onto my wall to be reminders to me of what I am striving for. 

Currently on the wall I have a sign that says only "Joy"  It is to remind me that the joy of the Lord is my strength and to get through my days I need to cling to Him and be joyful in all things.  That is where I get my strength.  

The other is simply a smile.  To remind me to keep a sweet countenance as I am the representation of God to my family.

This year I added a picture of an outdoor water fountain,  reminding me to draw water our to the wells of salvation.  To daily rely on the power of the Holy Spirit to fill me.  So I can have that joy and that cheerful countenance.  

As I saw those items I realized I was not serving my husband the way I would serve the Lord.  If it was the Lord I would be more than happy to get him the tissues he wanted, the cough syrup that would match his symptoms.  And just all around make him as comfortable as I could.  

It really is as simple as that.

How do you serve your husband.


Ginger said...

Interesting thoughts,

SGG said...

Come join us for Song On My Heart Weekend! Praying that Amy makes it back to her blog soon. Miss TSMSS! Simply God's Girl

Mrs. B, a very peculiar person said...

Excellent Post! Hope you are able to return to blog land soon - we all miss you.
the other Mrs.B

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