Monday, January 7, 2013

Merry Heart Monday

Love those Monday's.  Ok I normally am one of those freaks that does not mind Monday's.  But this Monday has me in a bit of a funk,  Being as we have been ill for a while and it is time to jump back into school.  So for this Monday I am going to yield to the wisdom of the household sages,  those all knowing ones.  Yes the teenagers helped out a bit with this one.  

They have discovered the comic section at our local library and have been consuming Garfield as if he is going out of style, or maybe that should be has gone out of style.  Any how when ever I hear them quietly snickering I will ask them what they find so humorous.  After the first time you would think I would leave them alone.  Normally it has to do with how a comic about Garfield and his coffee reminds them of me.  Yes, I admit it.  I LOVE my coffee.  And only one child has ever run from me in the morning.  They had yet to learn the lesson of don't talk to mom before she has that first cup.  Just wish she had not then proceeded to announce it around the house for the next week.  Sheesh, yipe at one person in the morning and you have a herald for the next week,  walking before you, and proclaiming,

"Don't talk to mom before her coffee!!  Don't talk to mom before her coffee!!"

Garfield is a cat with much wisdom.  

But then the children and I stumbled on this on youtube.  Oh the joys of laughing with your children,  after you have imbibed of caffeine first, of course!

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