Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tuesdays Take

Wow,  I am sitting here just staring at that stupid blinking cursor thinking "Really I need to type something"

Have I been facebooking for too long? Since when did blogging become so hard?


Ok,  now that that is out of my system I need to figure out how to jump into this blog.

We have been busy here around the house,  It is really not that exciting.  Just the normal homeschool family junk going on.

School, laundry, dishes.  Some days my life seems to be a never ending Ground Hogs Day movie script.

This week I have a ton of Dental appointments.  The 3rd daughter, Miss Sunshine, has to go over to a larger town to see a specialist dentist.  She loves her dentist there.  They have the most amazing office.  It has a HUGE fish tank with Dori and Nemo in it.  They also have a play area that makes any child happy in the office,  complete with tropical play house.  

She is looking forward to her visit there.  Mostly because she gets to spend the day with mama and papa  And for the balloon animal that the dentist makes after each visit.

If only a balloon animal would make my dental visits fun :(

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