Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Another Week


We went to the Dr's yesterday.  The baby has dropped and he said it could be any day now.  So we are waiting and praying that this little one will be joining us soon.  I have never gone into labor on my own.  This is a matter of much prayer being as I really do not want an induction.  We have talked about an induction the Dr will let me go to the 14th and then we will be induced.  I would much rather go on my own.  So if you ladies could join me in praying that this little one will come with out an induction I would be so grateful.  Also because I am a Vbac they monitor so closely and alot of the time you get stuck in bed and can not walk around.  Thank you all who are praying.  I will keep you all posted as I can.


FoggyMountainFarm said...

Will add you to my prayer list. I hope all is well and you will be holding that sweet baby soon.



southernbelle said...

A prayer for you and your family and your baby just went up to the Lord.

morningsunshine said...

how exciting - I love new babies! I hate being pregnant, but I love the babies at the end!

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