Saturday, April 8, 2006

How does that work?


Well saturday is my day for doing the deep cleaning.  I try to keep picked up through out the week and do all of the scrubbing on Saturday.  Well DH told me recently that he can put up with clutter better than crunchy carpet so he wants me to vacuum all the carpets everyday.  I started to do that today and the vacuum started to smell horrible. 


My Levi, who is only 6, has been taking things apart for years.  He received a wonderful remote control car when he was four and before the week was out he had gotten a screwdriver and tore it all apart to see how it worked.  Well when he heard that mama had to tear apart the vacuum he was there in a heart beat.  He got the screw driver and held onto the screws for me.  He is so organized he put the different sets of screws into different pockets.  He wanted to see all of the process.  Nothing was wrong that I could see.  So I put the whole thing back together and turned it back on.  It runs fine now.  We never did find out how it works but Levi now knows how to tear apart my vacuum.



OurLittleHomestead said...

I'm not sure if it's a good thing that he can take it apart or not! LOL!

Great learning experience for him, for sure ;)


glenda said...

Sounds like my steven he can break apart anything and put it back together. He also does a great job with the computer. If we ever have a problem with the computer steven seems to know how to fix it.. He is also great with code. Yes that is right he has taught himself linux code.. That child can tell you what line and what you need to put here and there to make a program work.. It just blows my mind... I mean we have never really allowed any of the children to work on or around the computer.. He just seemed to be able to pick it up..

god bless..


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