Friday, April 7, 2006

Very frustrated

My DH has been trying to find help for with the children while the baby is born.  I have to have a hospital delivery as this is my third v-bac.  I would like some one to come to our home and watch the children.  With 5 it is alot to get everything together for a week long visit.  My mother has MS and is unable to get around.  She requires care for herself.  My MIL is a working lady and she is not avaliable. So we are searching.  I am a little frustrated that preachers do not teach Titus 2 the way it is written.  My DH called today telling of the problems trying to find someone and I said that is why God put Titus 2 in the Bible.  He said yes it probably is, but if it is not taught it does no good.  Oh well, sorry for rambeling.  I just needed to get that off of my chest.  I am not feeling sorry for myself just really wondering what we will do with the children when Deborah is on her way.


YPAmy5 said...

Wish we all lived closer to you- and could help you out. I will pray that a Titus2 type woman (that you cn trust with your children) will step forward and help you. I too wish that Titus2 was taught. I didn't really learn about it until 2 years ago thru a MOPS bible study and am always eager to learn more. I have had 2 Titus2 women in my life- one is gone and one is still very invaluable to me.

Amy W

gokings13 said...

I would give my eye teeth to be involved in a Titus 2 program!! Chruches are more worried today about 'entertaining" the youth department, then they are 'teaching and equipping" Christians!!

Praying for the Lord to have someone step forward!

FruitfulVineof7SoFar said...

Our closest family is too far away to help with ours, too. And, our parents are in NM, which is 1500m away. So, we understand.

As I have just started learning about Titus2 in the past few years, I am in agreement with you and the comments so far.

May the LORD show you and another Titus2 woman in your area His will in your situation! He will not leave us nor forsake us!

Praise the LORD our 2 oldest (they are girls) are now capable of managing our home, if necessary. Our 3dd is 12 and very capable too.... They were all a great help in our last 2 births, as we had them at home.

Have a wonderful, safe birth. God will take care of you and dc, do not despair!

FoggyMountainFarm said...

I wish I was closer, I would volunteer to help out. I know how it is when a new baby is coming and you need someone to watch your other children while you are in the hospital.

I pray someone will step forward and help you all.



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