Friday, April 7, 2006

Good Friday Morning



Well I passed a very restless night.  Which ment DH did not get the rest he needed.  He has a short day today at work so he will be able to get caught up on some things here at the house that need done. 


It is an icky and stormy day here so my contractors will not be here today.  Oh well my house will get done eventually.  I do not think it will be before the baby is born.  It would be nice.  I guess in a way this is good.  I will be bale to paint and DH won't have to deal with that. 


Well DH left a list of things to do so the children and I will be working on that this morning.

1 comment:

glenda said...

I am so glad that you at least rested a little.. I pray that you will be able to rest some today even if it is just a little here and a little there..

God bless


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