Thursday, April 6, 2006

Going to bed early.



Well I am hurting very badly so I am going to soak in the tub for a while and then crawl into bed.  I have false labor so often that I tell DH I am not going to the hospital until the baby is crowning.  I hate being sent home,  And this time we are an hour away from the hospital. 


I did get the socks folded and two loads of laundry done.  I do not know what all DH is going to let me do tomorrow.  We will see how it all goes.  What a comfort to know that God is holding our tomorrows for us and that he cares. 


God bless you all and have a restful night.



southernbelle said...

I wish YOU a restful night, poor thing. Don't you guys wait too long to get to the hospital now! Who knows, tonight might be the night! Blessings to you and your baby. Karen ~j~

glenda said...

Rest well.. I pray that you have a peaceful night..


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