Friday, April 28, 2006

Possible church for DH

Well my DH is still looking for a church to pastor in.  We were voted out of the last church, very long story.  He found a church in Illinois that is looking for a pastor.   The family is all excited about this because it is only 20 miles from the last place in Illinois that we lived in.

My DD is so excited.  DH said as soon as the baby is born we will go down and visit the church.   This is also the first church that would be able to pay.  I know that that should not be a motivation for going to a church and it will never be a deciding factor for our family, but this would be a great blessign to us.  Please pray with us that the Lord will give us wisdom in what to do in this area.  DH is very excited and I pray it will all work out for him.


HandsNHearts said...

What an incredible time for your family! I am definitely joining you in prayer as things unfold and the Lord reveals His Vision for your family and your future!


JubileeFarm said...

I saw your post on one of my 'friend' and so I came over to visit. I saw you live in Camden, I do too!! But Camden OH. That was neat to see.

What denomination is your DH looking to pastor in?

Praying for your little one coming soon. I read about the upcoming wedding also, I pray that things go well. How frustrating for all of you.


morningsunshine said...

since we have not heard from you in a while, I am hoping this means you have a new little one. I hope all has gone well with this. God bless

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