Thursday, June 15, 2006

Finally Back


Wow it has been a week since I posted and it has been a busy one.  First off the wedding went well.  DH had to set on the stage and all of the children went to sit with friends from the church.  My DH Aunt took Deborah so I sat by myself.  Hated that at a wedding but it was okay.  DH did a good job on the songs.  We had family here on Sat and Mon they could not all come at the same time.  Oh, well.  Then they hired a new guy at work so Ben's hours will be cut and we found out that our housepayment is going up by 200 in Aug because of interest rates.  So on to the great adventure.  Ben is getting a Class A CDL w/ Haz Mat.  He will be gone Mon- Fri for three weeks.  Because he will not quite a job with out another lined up he will also work at Carter's on his Saturday's.  The school he is training with said he will be hired be a company.  This co. will have him on the road for 14 days and he will be home every other weekend. 


He is doing this to take care of his fami;ly and I understand.  We can be out of debt except for our home in one month.  Then I will contract the rest of the work on our home out and get it finished.  He did say to check on car prices.  Currently we only have one running vehicle and he has to have that at school so I will be without a car for the next three weeks.  When he get on the road he wants me to have a good running vehicle here.  It will be a blessing to get the house finished.  He has also given me the greatest complement by telling our pastor that he knows I will run the home the way he wants while he is gone.  WOW!!!!!!!!  I was very thankful for his trust.  I  pray that I will continue to be worthy of it. 

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