Thursday, June 8, 2006

Praying for the Godfrey's

I have not posted yet on this because,  well I have always had a hard time dealing with situations like this.  I always wonder why and wonder why God allows some people to have problems and others just breeze through every pregnancy.  No I have never had a problem.  I have had 6 preg. and 6 babies, but that is just part of the problem.  My youngest is 4 weeks old and I wonder why God has given us such easy pregnancies.  My heart goes out to those who do not.  I do not think it is fair.  Each lady who desires should have a little one to hold and to love.  Well enough of my rambleing.  I am praying daily for this dear family, that the God  who has made this little life will comfort them.  Please pray with me.

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