Thursday, June 8, 2006

Off to the wedding we go.


We are leaving this afternoon to go to the wedding.  I will be so thankful when this is all over.  It has been a big stresser on our family.  Tonight is the rehersal and then we are staying at a friends home.  It is only an hour away but we do not want to waste gas.  Then the wedding is tomorrow at noon.  My DH is singing in the wedding.  We also have the ring bearer and Rebekah is handing out the bubbles.  Personally I like old-fashioned rice,  to each their own.  We will get in tomorrow eve.  I am not sure how long we will stay and fellowship, sometimes we just do not fit in with the family any more.  So we will probably play it by ear.  Anyhow I still have some sewing to get done, and the house needs cleaned before we leave.  Hate coming home to a messy house.  You all have wonderful days.

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