Thursday, June 1, 2006

Just another day

Well I am taking the time to write this as the children are eating their afternoon snack.  My days seem to blend into one and they all seem the same.  I sometimes desire to have more from my life but as I look around at all of the little faces I have the thought of what great thing is going on in our home right now.  It may not seem like much wiping noses and changing diapers and training the older ones but as they are growing we are guiding them in the way they need to go when they leave our home.  I need to remember that today is not just another day.  It is the day that I have been giving to guide our home.  I need to see that what I do today will be reflected eternally in my children.


glenda said...

I could not agree with you more.. Just remember one day you will look around and they will all be grown with there own children.. These are special moments right now when they are small.. I long for the day when i can have more little ones around..It would bless my heart to have little faces to wipe.. Mine are well a little big and well it is just not right for mom to wipe there faces anymore.. :-) Enjoy these times.. They grow faster than one knows.....

And also just think the time you spend today oh what wonderful helpers you will have later on. I know i am wreaping this now. My little ones are not so little now and they are the greatest gift god has given me on this earth. Beside my husband he is the top of that list..:-)

god bless


HandsNHearts said...

I totally agree :o)

Even though it 'seems' like same ol' same ol' day in and day out, it isnt' at all. Those young ones are learning new things at momma's side every day. It may take some time to see the fruits of those lessons, but the buds are there and growing daily. When we are right there in the midst of it all, it's difficult to see those tiny little growth spurts, but they are there.

Think of life without the daily duties you now have...what would you be doing? Our eldest is nearly 20 now...I can't even imagine life without a child in the house. LOL...of course, it does appear I have a great many years of children 'under foot' here as I continue to bring them in on the other end :o) Our eldest laughed that he will be almost 40 when our newest one reaches his age....and joker that he is, he had to point out that Dad and I would be pushing 60 then as well.

Makes me feel old when you look at it that way! LOL


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