Friday, June 2, 2006

What do your clothes say? Part 1

Dress speaks.  One's clothing indicates one's identity and image whether rock musician or sophisticated businesperson.  Dress often makes a staement about an individual's social and aconomic status.  Dress can communicate one's occupation:  pokiceman, soldier, nurse, fast-food worker.

  For special occasions many people proclaim their ethnic identity with festive costumes, be they Slavic or American Indian.   Clothing expresses sacredness and hallowed tradition in religious ritual.  It voices celebraton and formality;  The bride's gown, the orchestra conductor's white tie and tails.

One group of people's dress utters volumes about them though they are otherwise quiet and unobtrusive.  They have adopted a kind of uniform but since they are never "off duty," most wear it constantly.  They need no special festivities to reveal their identity and heritage.  They wish to be reminded of it every day.  They observe no sacred vestments in their worship; their clergy's apperance is little different from the layperson's.  They have no religious garb.  There are no formal dress used only for rare occasions.  They avoid all ostentation and keep competition at a minimum be insisting on a uniform, simple dress. 

Although diverse in background these people are know together as plain people because they believe ornaments and finery are contrary to biblical principle.

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smmagers said...

thank you good info , when will you do part 2 ? I can't wait to read it. God Bless , mj

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