Thursday, June 1, 2006

a look back


I saw this on Sister Glenda's site and thought it would be fun to fill out.


20 Years Ago:
1.I was 7 and living in South Carolina


10 Years Ago:
1.17 and dating my DH

2. And planning our Wedding


5 Years Ago
1. I was 22

2. We had 2 children and one on the way

3.  We had just started to get our family in order and I started wearing a covering


3 Years Ago

1. Living in Illinois and loving it


1 Year Ago
1. I was 26

2.had no home and was moving from friends home to friends home

3. Had and little one

4.  DH was looking for a job


So Far This Year

We have a home, DH has a job that provides for our needs, The schooling is going well,  family is still in the process of getting into order,  Our DS 8 was baptised and growing in the Lord, getting animals for our little homestead, fixing a achurch up, DH is preaching when GOd provides a place to preach in.



Worked around the home, went to FIL church so DH could preach for his father



Just a normal day here.


Get school and chores done, pray for DH and the church as they will be adminestering church discipline tomorrow evening.


In the Next Year

Pray that DH has a church.  Would love for it to be in the country so we can have more animals.  If the Lord does not provide a church, we will be working to be debt free in 2 years.


In the Next Minute

Post this

check on my forum and get back to my little ones.


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