Monday, June 5, 2006

wedding update

I will be so glad when this wedding is done. I was asked to play a song for my DH to sing along with. We do not have a piano currently so I could not practice the song. Before I bought an accompinment cd I called and asked my BIL if that would be okay. He said it would be no problem so I payed 12 dollars for a CD that we will use once. I know 12 dollars does not seem like alot of money but our family does not have any extra money. We also are losing alot of money over this wedding. My DH had to take 2 days off of work for the wedding and so he is only working 27 hours this week and that will really cut into the budget. Anyhow we talked with my MIL last week and she said that Alesha (bride) does not want a CD at the wedding. But the piano player they have does not like to play for my DH and DH does not like to sing to her playing. They both try to lead and it does not go over well at all. So DH want to stay with the CD and the groom has already said it would be okay but I guess he is not allowed to say what goes on in his own wedding. If you can not tell I am very miffed. I am almost ready to say everybody is staying home. It is a good thing my DH is a strong willed man. I have to follow him. I know it will all work out but for know it is hard to see the end of this.

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DonnaJoy said...

Michelle - I know exactly what you are talking about...I had to direct a wedding this past weekend (on my birthday - no less) and the mother of the bride was so snippy with me (and I did this out of the goodness of my heart - which doesn't sound so good right now!!) I dont' know, I guess weddings do something to people!!

How is that little Deborah doing?



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