Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Your clothes part 2

     The plain people are Christians who believe discipleship encompasses every area of life, including dress.  They do not separate doctrine from daily living .  They are convinced that a true follower of Jesus Christ will be recognized not only by conduct and speech but also by apperance,

     The plain people look different because they believe God's people should be distinclty separate from the surrounding world.  The values and belifes of a committed Christian are seen as radically opposed to those of the unconvereted masses.  They feel the world is controlled largely by Satan and the forces of evil.  And so, they reason, conformity to the fads and fashions of  popular society indicates identity with the world's  sytem.

    The plain people insisit that the church, guided by the Word of God and not the dictates of fashion, should decide what a Christian should wear.  They point out that the fashion centers have not been known for their righteousnesss. Economically, they judge the fashion industry to be a deceitful, greedy force.  Keeping up with the latest styles is seeen as wastful, planned obsolesecence.

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Tinakay said...

But I sure do agree with this. It is so hard to be modest in this day and age when everything around us is telling us to look like this and wear that. I find it hard to find decent clothing. My Dd and I decided we would like to wear dresses more and I cannot find ones long enough or modest enough. They have low necklines, buttons up the front, then when you sit down you can see into the holes. I can go on and on. Thank you for your blog!


Tina Kay

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