Wednesday, July 5, 2006

When a computer dies

What exactly happens when a computer dies?  Well sometimes mama cries and thinks of all of the pretty graphics she had downloaded,  she then realizes that the homeschool records where on the computer.  At this point no one wants to go near her because she is ranting at the computer for dying on her.  She also has realized that she is on alot of forums and blogs and she has not written down her screen name or password for alot of them.  This is the point that papa is thankful that the computer died.  So here we are up and running again and looking for my information.


KimMC said...

I'm sorry about your computer! But welcome back! :-)

frugalmel said...

Oh no. I have had that happen and its no fun at all. I hope you can remember what you lost. What can you do about the homeschool records? Its amazing how we depend on these silly machines isn't it? The last time mine had to be redone I felt like I couldn't see my best friend.


mommaroo2 said...

wow, so frustrating. I'm sorry that happened.

I pretty much use one screenname and password for every forum I'm on. The password is different than the one I use for my email account, of course. Then I have another name (mommaroo2) for my homemaking/blog accounts, and another name for weight loss forums. So that makes one main screen name I use most of the time, and two lesser-used names. I couldn't remember them all if I had a different one for each forum!

I hope you can recover your stuff. I'm sure if the hard drive isn't damaged, a computer tech could recover it. That reminds me, I need to bug DH about backing up the hard drive!


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