Monday, August 14, 2006

A controled picture?



It has been one of those weekends.  I was wondering if I am all alone.  My DH and I were talking and I said reading the blogs does not help me.  I just get discouraged and feel that everyone else has it together and I am not making it at all.  Then we talked about a comic strip we had seen awhile back.  Calvin wanted Hobbes to take a picture of him in case he became famous one day.  So he cleaned off a corner of his bed, brushed his hair, and sat down to read a book.  Hobbes said that that was nothing like what he was really llike but Calvin said it would look good in case he became famous.  He could show him what his "childhood" was like.  Wow did that hit me.  We control what each other sees of us.  We do not have to reveal all of our imperfections unless we want to.  So what others see may not be our realselves.  Just a controled picture.  Boy did that ever help as I am down and just not doing well emotionaly.  I will try to be as real as possible with out burdening everyone.  So if anyone has been reading here and thinking, "boy they have it together"  nope you are getting a controled picture of our lives.
P.S.  If you throw an egg at the wall in frustration, Hard boiled is easy to clean up!


southernbelle said...

You are right! I feel if I clued people in on the fact that I am depressed or worried or sinful or out of control some days that it wouldn't make for a good blog. I AM praying for you. Pray for me too. : )

morningsunshine said...

I love the computer cartoon! sooooo true (last week is case in point!)

bayleysmom17 said...

Oh my goodness that makes me feel better too! Obviously we don't tell everyone everything that is going on because, well, why would we want perfect strangers knowing everything. That is a good thing to keep in mind. I often remind myself of that when i see people in real life that seem to have it together, but I forget it happens in blogs too. Hope your spirits are up soon. Thanks for posting this.

Anonymous said...


We want you to know that we are praying for you and brother Ben. You both are thought of alot around our home. Sorry, I haven't written or called. Remember, you can call me anytime. I pray that your alls burdens get lighter soon. Just keep hanging on to God's precious promises. This too shall pass. Bro. Ben can call Allen if he needs to also. Let us know if there is anything that we can do.

Yours in Christ, Allen and Heather

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