Thursday, August 17, 2006

A very productive day.


Yesterday was a much better day here.  I was able to get some banana bread made.  We have only one loaf left and I tripled the batch.  Oh well it was good while it lasted.  DH has called some more companies about work.  I will post as soon as we have anything permanat.  As for the house well, with DH not having work in 8 weeks it is being decluttered within an inch of its life.  Ben sure likes to do that kind of thing.  I also got my kitchen cleaned and organized.  I even went through and pitched spices that we could not longer use.  And the storage contaniers are all matched up.  If it did not have a lid it went.  I am so glad to get the house in order. 


Kitty said...

You are so lucky to have a dh that likes to clean. Mine would probably just let the dirty stuff pile up and go buy new ones to use lol.

Have a good day.


southernbelle said...

What a blessing to have a husband who likes to de-clutter and organize! You both are an inspiration!

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