Thursday, August 17, 2006

Side effect.......Pregnancy?



I had to go to the Dr.'s today and while waiting in the exam room  I picked up a medical book that explains all of the meds and side effects.  Well I thought it would be interesting to read up on birth control as DH and I are wanting to know more of what it does to a ladies body.  Well listed under some of the forms of birth control,  as a side effect was pregnancy.  I do not understand how any Dr could prescribe something like that.  God did not design us to have pregnancy as a side effect.  It is the main event in a married couples life.  If everything goes as God planned the act of marriage will be blessed with children.  It is a shame that we live in a society that considers children a side effect of a pill that is not "working right".  I have used birth control before we were uninformed of the way it actually works and I shudder to think of all of the dear little ones that await us in glory.  I know that we did that in ignorance but I am miffed that the Dr's do not tell you all that the little pill does.  And reading through the book it looks as if the mini pill is even worse.  I talked with my Ob and my 6 week check up and he said that most Dr's are now going with the mini pill.  Oh I want to tell everyone to stay away from that pill and yet it is such a personal decission and yet would I say it is a personal decission for a mother to kill her three year old.  So why are the unborn so different?  I am just venting here.  But I thought that was such a shame to our nation that pregnancy is looked on as a side effect.



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