Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Going Home?????

Okay for all of you who do not know two years ago my DH was voted out of the church that he was pastor of.  It was one family who wanted him out and they accomplished that.  Well the next pastor and them ran into trouble also but this time they left and found a new church.  Also the old church burned down and they have a brand new building.  all paid for.  We got a call sunday asking us if we would like to go back.   WOOOOOOOO  I was so excited as that is the place I call home.  In the middle of the corn fields of IL.  Well they are going to see on WEd and call us back tonight.  Please pray that I will accept what ever the Lord does.  The new pastor who is leaving is pushing the church to accept someone else.  Teh church members from what we have heard for the most part want us.  I am nervous and really scared that they will take this other pastor.  I know I need ot leave it in Gods hands but I want to go home also.


HandsNHearts said...

Wonderful, Michelle!! We will certainly pray that the Lord makes His Path clear for your family, whether to move back to 'home' or move elsewhere.

What an exciting time for your family!! I can't wait to see the Lord working in this situation.


morningsunshine said...

oh, that would be great. bonne chance!

I love the new template! it is simple and lovely

DonnaJoy said...

Michelle - praying for God's direction. Let us know!!



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