Thursday, August 10, 2006

postpartum depression



First off if you do not believe in PPD please just post on your own blog.  I have delt with this after each pregnancy and some one in our family told me I am just not praying enough.  Oh that really hurt at a time when what I needed was support.  Once again it is bad.  I have slept for the past three days.  The sun is starting to shine again but only because I am taking some herbal remedies.  I did take zoloft after one of the pregnancies and that just makes you feel numb.  I would rather be down than numb.  I also get angry at the world which makes me very difficult to live with.  I try so hard to stay up but I ma just not able to.  We are under alot of stress here also.  Waiting on the church to see if they want us back and I do so want to go but we are waiting on them.  Also my DH has not had work for 2 months and the OTR trucking is not going to work out for us after all.  He goes for an interview tomorrow at 10 so I am praying so hard that he will get this.  We are rubbing are last tow nickles together.  We have to have some money come in soon.  So this job would be great.  Well that is what is going on here.  I have missed reading everyone's blogs and hope to be here more.


MrsBurns said...

Hedge of protection for your mind and body. Job for dh. Take care.

YPAmy5 said...

I am praying for you. May God strengthen you and uplift you with His strong right hand.

May all work out according to His ways.

God knows.

God cares.

And so do we.

I am praying.

Amy W

southernbelle said...

I feel your pain. I had ppd after each of my children were delivered. I wonder if it's hereditary...I think my mother had it too. If I knew then that it was okay to go to a doctor and tell about how I was feeling, I would've done it! I was just so young and didn't even know what ppd was. I think medication would've helped me. I am praying for you. I have been right where you are and I'm sorry you're having to go through it.

Shelbysplace said...

I am so sorry your going through this right now. I also suffered from PPD after each of my children, although I didn\'t realize that that was what was going on. I am just coming up out of the last depression. It has been 3 Years. I have gone to the Dr and was put on Celexia. It seemed to take the edge off, but I too felt like a zoombie. I slepted all the time and just couldn\'t get up to do anything. Someone told me, even when you don\'t feel like it, just do the next thing. You know, it has really helped. It has taken many prayers of other people, cause I just couldn\'t even pray to bring myself up out of it. Finally I\'m doing much better. I still have my days, but I know God is still with me on those days. It also helped knowing there are other people out there going through it also. Just remember that the sun is behind the clouds. I will keep you in my prayers

<br>God Bless Shelbysplace

mommyof2 said...

I will be praying for healing and for your family situation. I really feel for you, it is not easy to give birth to a child and deal with job situations at the same time. My DH got laid off for 4 months a week after our first child was born. That kind of stress is not good for anyone. If you need someone to talk to PM me and maybe we could chat.

God bless,


KimMC said...

Praying for you dear. It's a terrible thing to go through.


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