Friday, September 22, 2006

September 22 Devotional Thought


Broad Rivers Without Galleys

But there the glorious Lord will be unto us a place of broad rivers and
streams; wherein shall go no galley with oars, neither shall gallant
ship pass thereby. (Isaiah 33:21)

The Lord will be to us the greatest good without any of the drawbacks
which seem necessarily to attend the best earthly things. If a city is
favored with broad rivers, it is liable to be attacked by galleys with
oars and other ships of war. But when the Lord represents the abundance
of His bounty under this figure, He takes care expressly to shut out
the fear which the metaphor might suggest. Blessed be His perfect love!

Lord, if Thou send me wealth like broad rivers, do not let the galley
with oars come up in the shape of worldliness or pride. If Thou grant me
abundant health and happy spirits, do not let "the gallant ship" of
carnal ease come sailing up the flowing flood. If I have success in holy
service, broad as the German Rhine, yet let me never find the galley of
self-conceit and self-confidence floating on the waves of my
usefulness. Should I be so supremely happy as to enjoy the light of Thy
countenance year after year, yet let me never despise Thy feeble saints, nor
allow the vain notion of my own perfection to sail up the broad rivers of
my full assurance. Lord, give me that blessing which maketh rich and
neither addeth sorrow nor aideth sin.

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