Friday, September 22, 2006

Polite Society is Dead


I remember a time when my mother would never leave the house without fresh clothes and looking neat and tidy.  I asked her about it one time and she felt that she was slacking of off.  Her mother never left the house without getting dressed up and putting on her bright red lipstick.  Mom said even if it was to run and get a loaf of bread grandma always was neat and tidy.


Yesterday, with my painting clothes on I ran into town.  I knew my mother would not approve but I was not so "bad".  While shopping I saw a lady in the store who was wearing something that made my whole perspective change. 


The first thing I noticed was the PJ bottoms.  Then I saw the biggest fuzziest pair of slippers I have ever seen.  I looked up and she was wearing a PJ top with out the proper femenine undergarments.  I was shocked. 


Then it hit me.  Just as my mother took a step away from her mother, I had taken a step away from my mother.  What will my daughter do?  I certainly do not want her to feel comfortable doing her shopping in her PJ's. 


So with that in mind here is what I am going to do and wear before I leave the home

1.  Have my good tennies or my mary janes on.


2.No stockings with holes in them.

Good socks only.


3.My town dress will be worn.

No dresses that are stained, ripped, or

other wise not what a daughter of the king would wear


4.Try to not have any baby spit up on me.

(this happens way to often)


5. Have hair brushed and neat covering on.


6. Proper hygiene is a must.


I need to conduct myself as a daughter of the King for that is who I am.


Suze321 said...

Oh my! How far down that road I've traveled since my days of working in an office downtown! I tend now to go strictly for comfort and, while I don't wear my PJs (although I, too, have seen this frequently), I do wear my jeans or paint-spattered sweats. I so needed this wonderfully gentle reminder that I do represent the King to all who see me. Thanks so much! Blessings!

morningsunshine said...

hey - if you can get out without baby spit-ups on, power to ya! I find that mine spit up MORE when I am trying to look nice! lol

and, I am guilty of going out in my pj bottoms the last couple of weeks - I just cannot bring myself to try on my non-preg clothes yet. But, I am totally dressed other than that! :):):)

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