Friday, September 22, 2006

More than I can chew?


Ater getting the walls painted.  I did not like the way the flooring looked.  We do not have the money to put down new carpet.  But this 70's aqua blue just was not what I wanted.  So I asked DH if I could tear it up and see what I can so with the floor.  He loved how the walls turned out.  (He was very skeptical that it would look good.)  Well he said that I could try it and see what I could do.  Well I started and it is some weird foam backed press on carpet. It had some sort of adhesive on the back of it.  And this is where the trouble is coming in.  It does not want to come off of my floor.  I called a carpet store and told them what I was doing to get some ideas, and He LAUGHED at me.  I did not take that as a good sign.  He said to try mineral spirits.  So it is back to the store for me and I am going to conquer this floor.  I did get one portion of it done and painted it the sage green color.  and it lookes wonderful.  The room will look so country.  It is just going to take me longer than I want it to.

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mommyof2 said...

Good job! That is hard work, but you will enjoy it when you finish.

God bless,


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