Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Spare the Rod spoil the child

I did not know how much anti spanking force there was on the internet.  I stumbled onto a site and it got me searching and they are out in force.  I do want to state that I do not believe in child abuse, but I also do not believe spanking is abuse.  I also want to say I grew up in a home where there was abuse.  I knew the difference between the times I was lovingly being disciplined and the times my father's anger was being vented towards me. 


I have read the Pearl's book atleast 4 times and I really appreciate what the say.  They really spell things out clearly and plainly.  I have appreciated their ministry so much.  I came across this on a website that was anti pearls and it really summed things up so well for me.



            "It's incredible to me that books such as this are readily available on Amazon; it is little short of incitement to child abuse. What makes the whole thing doubly sick is that it's done in the name of God. Apparently, the "proper application of the rod is essential to the Christian world-view". Note "essential". Perhaps it shouldn't come as a surprise. For, as evangelicals, the Pearls believe that salvation only comes through punishment and pain. God punishes his Son with crucifixion so that humanity might not have to face the Father's anger. This image of God the father, for whom violence is an expression of tough love, is lodged deep in the evangelical imagination. And it twists a religion of forgiveness and compassion into something dark and cruel. "


This lady really hit the nail on the head.  God the Father did demand a punishment and yet he was loving enough to send his own Son, to take our punishment.  The Bible says "without the shedding of blood there is no remission"  So often we do not want to see pain and yet that is what sin demanded.  God did not make sin.  We did.  He was loving enough to save us from it if we will accept His Son's death as our payment.  God spared not His own Son for us.  If that is not love I do not know what is.


Andrea said...

What happened to the comment I left about the Pearls? You didn't agree with it so you deleted it? So much for freedom of speech on your blog, eh? Oh well. Have a great day... hopefully not beating your kids with a plumbing pipe like the Pearls advocate. :```-(

Peace~ Midlife Woman

Anonymous said...

Freedom of Speech is for the streets of America, not PERSONAL blogs.

mommyof2 said...

This is a pretty controversial topic and I feel for you because there are always people that are going to make comments that are negative. I have read the book in question, and I used what seemed appropriate for my family and forgot about the rest. This is how life works. The only book that I have read and try to follow 100% is the Bible.


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