Thursday, September 14, 2006

a normal day

Wow,  they are asking alot of us aren't they. LOL.  I will try to do a normal homeschooling day because we do have days when things go haywire.  And we also do not do school over the summer and it is a fly by the seat of your pants kind of days here.

4:30  Mama get's up and feeds baby.

5- quiet time and computer time.

6-Kitchen time

7-breakfast for all.

7:30- chores including animals

8- Bible time

9-Math, nap for the baby


11-Break and cleanup from school

12- Lunch and cleanup

1- naps for babies and mama, reading and quiet time for other children

2-History reading

3- Free time

4-Bath for baby and then stories

5- Supper prep

6-Baby to bed, Supper for all

7-Clean kitchen, then time with papa

8-Bedtime for children

9-Mama's time



Okay that is if the day is ideal.  I do have grocery day thrown in once every other week.  Then the whole day is out because we are so far in the country.  Also if DH is home it is another day that we do just what he wants.



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