Thursday, September 14, 2006

~ Thursday Thirteen ~

1. How many stars there really are.


2. That chickens really do take care of bugs


3. That my dog does not like horse and buggies


4.  My Mr. Busy is terrified of bugs


5. A toad will fit into a pocket on little boys jeans


6.  If you live by a lake the noise is awful during holiday weekends


7. How quiet non holiday weekends are


8. That stones really do pass through the digestive track of a one year old.


9. Nothing tastes better than fresh strawberries


10. How far you drive to buy material


11.  How much peace there can be in the morning


12. That my children can roll in posion ivy and not get a bit of a reaction (except from Mama)


13.  God's creation is just awesome.


HSBFrontPorch said...

that stones pass through a one year old! OH MY! I about died when I read that one!

You have a busy "normal" day ~




marilynchristine1 said...

stones- lol- yes, they do

had fun reading about your day/days

huggles me.

mc2rwe said...

Once again I love your answers. I have started buying fabric online. And about once every 3 months hubby takes me to Paducah to buy fabric.

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