Saturday, October 14, 2006

Given to hospitality

That phrase has special meaning to me as a preachers wife.  It has also taken on alot of meaning as DH does not have a church of his own at this time.  I am a bit envious of preachers who do have people to minister to. 

Last night we had a couple from the church that we are attending over.  It was a wonderful time.  I enjoyed my self immensly.  I would love to have more people over but do not want to over step bounds.  I need to allow the preacher and his wife to do this for the most part and yet it is hard when you see some preachers who do not do this.  For years we attended a church where the pastor never invited anyone over.  It was very sad to see the lack of fellowship as the Lord has commanded this.  I also believe that the people of the church will follow the preacher in his example of this. 

But I was so glad to once again have good christian fellowship.  What a blessing this is.

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