Friday, October 13, 2006

You look like a princess

Those were the words spoken to me by My DH the other night as I tried on a dress that has not fit for a while.  It felt tight but if DH said I looked like a princess that was something.  Then he said he needed to clarify.  I actually looked like Princess Fiona.  If I could have hit him without ripping the dress, it was that tight, I would have.  Oh well just means I need to start trying to lose all of the baby weight I have gained in the last few years.


Anonymous said...

Sister Michelle,

I love your background music! Do the Sexton's have a CD? Where could I find it? I open your site every morning now and have the girls practice this song to sing together. LOL...I wonder if I can copy it to my own files for easier access? hmmm...

Sister Deanna

mc2rwe said...

You should have laughed and told him that is ok... after all Princess Fiona was married to an Ogre... :)


HandsNHearts said...

My oldest daughter just said to tell you that was a great compliment...Princess Fiona was very good-looking by cartoon-standards in the second movie when she was human if he was referring to the princess beforehand, as the chubby ogre lady, well, she said throw a shoe at him!


Hisirishgem said...

((getting all my sneakers and shoes out to throw at him))lol

I see how beautiful you are and I don't think I've ever seen a picture. I'm sure he knows the beauty you are both inside and out.

The weight issues we women go through....((sigh)) Keep sounds like your doing such a great job! You'll be at your goal in no time!

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