Thursday, November 30, 2006

The boys room


I have found a few great sites for stencils.  or  I want to stencil the phrase from Judges, The LORD is with thee, thou mighty man of valour. onto the boys wall.  We want to do a castle and knight them for them.  I have a ton of denim so I will be making curtains out of that.  I am either going to do a denim rag quilt for each or continue looking for a good castle quilt pattern.  I was thinking if I did use the denim I could applique a castle on random patches.  We will be using blue, silver, and I have not picked out another color yet.  I want to have a third accent color.  If you all have any ideas I would appreciate them.  I want to make this a haven for my family.  I think we will be using christmas money to make this room for the boys.  I hope it will turn out the way I would like.


morningsunshine said...

My sister's wedding colors were navy, silver and buttercup yellow... they worked very well together. and with a castle theme, I think it could work.

HandsNHearts said...

A rich burgundy would look great with those colors. Something very deep and rich in tone.

Sounds like a great plan you have in the works!


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