Thursday, November 30, 2006

A Toys Reduction



I am so proud of our children.  They have been such troopers today.  Being as we are probably moving in the next few weeks we are reducing toys.  We have been spoilt living in a church building.  We have about 3000 square feet and will be moving into 2000.  So we had to get rid of some toys.  We took the children shopping and told them they could pick out one new toy.  Then we came home and got rid of 4 garbage bags full of old toys.  I am packing the ones that are left and they will be keeping out their new toy to play with until we move.  There was not one mummer out of them.  They are just so happy that papa will be a pastor again.  They have not seen the parsonage yet but they know that the boys will have one bedroom and the girls will have the other.  That is a real treat to them as they are all in one room together here.  I am excited as each room has closets and that is one thing we did not have living in a church.  I will post ASAP about the rooms  I have some great ideas, or so I think about what I would like to do for each of them.



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kimmie said...

wonderful boys!

praying here.

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