Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A Candy Game

All of the answers are the names of different types of candy.  See how many you can get right.  I will post the answers early next week.  Have fun!



1.Famous Street in New York-------------------


2.The Red Planet---------------------


3; Someone Happy , But not Laughing------------------


4. Favorite Day for Working People--------------------


5. A Galaxy------------------------


6. Can't Hold on to Anything-----------------------


7 Sweet Sign of Affection------------------------


8.  A Famous  Baseball Player-----------------------


9.A doubled Letter of the Alphabet Candy------------------


10 A Happy Cattleman-------------------------


11. A Classic Concert------------------


12. Academic Outcast--------------------


13. Not  a Big Mac-----------------


14. Charlie Brown's Friend.---------------------


15. Sun Explosion------------------------


16. Round Floation Devices


17. A fFeline


18, What Bee's Make----------------


19. Who We By for on Valentine's Day-----------------


20 Triple People-------------------------------

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