Thursday, November 23, 2006

Acquiring Perseverance


Acquiring Perseverance

The Lord thy God will putout those nations before thee by little and
little. (Deuteronomy 7:22)

We are not to expect to win victories for the Lord Jesus by a single
blow. Evil principles and practices die hard. In some places it takes
years of labor to drive out even one of the many vices which defile the
inhabitants. We must carry on the war with all our might, even when
favored with little manifest success.

Our business in this world is to conquer it for Jesus. We are not to
make compromises but to exterminate evils. We are not to seek popularity
but to wage unceasing war with iniquity. Infidelity, popery, drink,
impurity, oppression, worldliness, error; these are all to be "put out."

The Lord our God can alone accomplish this. He works by His faithful
servants, and blessed be His name. He promises that He will so work.
"Jehovah thy God will put out those nations before thee." This He will do
by degrees that we may learn perseverance, may increase in faith, may
earnestly watch, and may avoid carnal security. Let us thank God for a
little success and pray for more. Let us never sheathe the sword till the
whole land is won for Jesus.

Courage, my heart! Go on little by little, for many littles will make a
great whole.

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