Friday, December 8, 2006

Feminine Friday


After seeing so many woman who just do not look like ladies I have taken it upon myself(what am I thinking) to write some on being feminine.  Do NOT confuse this with being a feminist as they are complete opposites.  I want my girls to grow up loving that they are different from their brothers.  They need to be soft and tender towards others and how can they do that when they look harsh on the outside.  We act as we dress.  If you do not believe me try this out.  One day wear a pay of combat boots.  See how you walk, sit and stand.  Then wear a pair of feminine shoes.  Some thing sweet to look at,  I personally love mary janes.  Then see how you act in them.  You will notice a difference.  Just for kicks one night, after the children are in bed you could try and wear a pair of stiletto heels and see how you feel.  But I am getting off track.  We as Christian ladies need to remember that our Father is a king and conduct ourselves as members of his royal court.  Would a princess sit around all day in her pj's.  For that matter would she wear something frumpy looking, or stained.  But today we are not going to work on our clothing, that will come later.  Today let's take a good look at our hair.  Is it feminine?  If you ask most men they will say that they love long hair on ladies.  There is nothing prettier than seeing a lady with hair flowing down her back.  But it can also look so feminine pulled up.  I do not mean the tight bun that granny wore on the Beverly Hillbillies.  I mean feminine.  Try out this link  They have some very nice hairstyles.  And for those of us who wear coverings alot of these work under a covering as well.  I have been striving to be more of a lady and thought some of these thoughts might be helpful to others as well




maa said...

Yes!!!!!! I agree with you, I think that if God made you a woman then be as He commands us to be.

katenicholl said...

I have started wearing skirts and dresses in the last few months. On the very odd occasion (I think three or four times in three months) I wear sweat pants I don't feel feminine and my attitude to everything at home changes! I love my new feminine feel and more to the does my hubby!

Catherine :o)

Tinakay said...

Thank you for the website. I have long curly hair and I really do not know what to do with it other than pull it back into a ponytail or put my sides up or a granny bun. ~smile~ Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Tina Kay

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