Friday, December 8, 2006

Yielding to him


Boy we had a wonderful day yesterday, I am praying that today will be the same.  What a blessing to give each day to the Lord.  He is there for us if only we use him.  I have electricity in my home and yet it does me no good to sit in the dark because I do not turn the switch on.  what good does having the Holy Spirit live within me if I do not yield myself to his control.  We do that through prayer and bible reading.  Each morning we need to go to God and yield ourselves to his control.  Ask to be under the direction of the Holy Spirit and yield to him.  It will make the entire day better.
My kitchen was cleaned.  I am going to finish it up today and then it is time to do the bathroom.  It needs a top to bottom cleaning.   I am going through the entire home and getting rid of anything that I do not love or use.  That will eliminate alot of clutter through out the entire home.  I may not do that with my fabric,yet, I really do seems to collect alot of that.  What are you doing today.

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kimmie said...

amen to that sister!

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