Friday, December 15, 2006



Is there a time and place for homeschooling? I am sure there is. Many a missionary has taught their children at home rather then send them to a state school. Homeschooling was their only resource. Many times a pastor will go out and start a new work where there is no good Christian school to which they can sent their children. Homeschooling is their only alternative, it is obviously the will of God to do so. The problem is that most American born Christians are more committed to job security and money than they are to doing the will of God. When it comes to their child’s education they live by the same philosophy. Many homeschoolers would not think of changing jobs or moving from a dead church to a good one so they could place the child in a good school. The are satisfied with their homemade plan for their child’s success. The problem is that homeschooling success stories are too few. The movement is young enough that we are just starting to see the results and many are not good. The will of God has better advertisements. I’ve seen them.

Some of you said that you would be hot under the collar and this paragraph sure made me that way. To say that homeschooling is the last alternative is a bunch of whooey. Only if you have no other alternative can it be God’s will??!! Deuteronomy clearly teaches that it is my responsability to teach my children, no one else. God gave them to me. Not the pastor, not the church, and not the christian school. Then to slam the homeschooling families as being more concerned with MONEY!! He obviously has never seen the cost for homeschooling. Or a papa who is taking the minimal hours at work just so he can invest time in their boys. And to say the movement is young. I am a graduate of homeschooling who is homeschooling her children. The movement is not that young. And I would like to know where he did his research to say the results are not good. The national bees are being won more and more by the homeschoolers. More of them are going to Ivy league colleges. And I just heard of a family that sent their 5 children to Julliard. The 5 browns. They play the piano so beautifuly. But regardless of the results of homeschooling as a friend of mine just said. "I am trainging my children for heaven, not Harvard"



Many of the homeschoolers I have been exposed to are fine people who started homeschooling because they could think of no other recourse. May this booklet be a schoolmaster, teaching a better way. I love all my homeschoolers; it is homeschooling this pastor has a problem with. Don’t bury your head in the sand over your child’s education. Oh Christian parent! Let me encourage you to pray, ask God to make His will clear, seek your pastor’s counsel, bathe yourself in the Word and don’t allow convenience, money or homeschooling bandwagoneers to direct of infect your decision about your child’s education. The answer to your child’s education lies in God’s institution, the local church, and its ministry of the church school.

COVENIENCE??!!! Okay this mother of 6 would love to take him to task for stating that. Homeschooling 3 children with 3 others in the home is not convenient. I would love to have a block of time that was all mine. I have not been alone in the house for eight hours since our first was born nine years ago.

MONEY??!!! Once again that irritates me so much. We take each child and look at his learning style and then taylor our homeschool program towards him. If that means I end up with 6 different curriculem so be it.  Tell me of a Christian school that does that. I know my children and I know how they will learn. I am with them all the time. I know their struggles and their triumphs. I am the best teacher as I am the one God provided for them.

And I am not burying my head in the sand. We prayed, read the Bible, and sought God’s will on this. Once again I refere to Deuteronomy where God tells ME to train them. Oh and yes I will INFECT (his words ) others with the word of God to let them know about homeschooling.


Brownsmichelle said...

Her husband is teaching spelling though! LOL


Mr. Visionary

kimmie said...

you are living in the will of God......we follow after Jesus, not of this world. the world can not understand us because they arent apart of HIM.....


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