Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A day that could not have been worse

Yesterday started out ok.  We went into the dentists to have Mr. Visionary's tooth pulled.  We all had to go as we did not know if he would be able to drive home himself or not.  We got there around noon.  It took an extrememly long time.  We did not leave until 4:30.  All of the children were with me and everyone did well.  but right before we were done Miss Busy was just being a child and tossed a block onto the arm of a chair next to a man who did not like the children at all.  He cursed at the children and I gasped.  My children have never been cursed at before but I guess my gasp upset him and he asked me what.  I asked him not to use language like that infront of the children.  He cursed again and said he would curse whenever he wanted.  Then he proceeded to tell me how out of control the children where.  I tried to politely explain that we had been in the waiting room for  almost 4 hours and were doing the best they could.  He then told me that if I could not control our children I should not have them.  I was mad but when ever I get mad I cry.  I gathered the children up, by this time my oldest was softly crying and asked if they had been bad.  I told him they had done nothing wrong but would he please help me to clean up the tables a bit and have all of them sit down.  The children obeyed quickly but I guess not quick enough for this man.  He walked to the nurse and asked if he could please sit back there because he could not take any more of us. 

After he left the others in the office were quick to assure me that the children were very well behaved and they had done nothing wrong.  Also the nurse who brought my husband out said everyone who came back commented on our well behaved children.  The nurses at the desk also could not believe who well the children had done.  The Lord also allowed us to run into a couple at walmart that had waited in the same office with us and once again they said how well the children did.

I determined not to let this get me down, and then we got home.


There was a yellow tag hanging from our back door.  It was from our electric company.  Earlier in the day they had a tree company come out and cut some tree limbs off of a secondary line that goes into our home.  Well after they got the limbs off the line sagged, so much so that a vehicle going through caught it and pulled our mast off of our home and so we had no service.  They pulled our meter and cut our ground wire.  They say it is our responsability to get it fixed and call them when it is done and they will restore our service.  I can not believe that it is our responsability to get it all fixed.  It is because of their negligence that this all happended.  The permit alone will cost 50 dollars and it will be over 100 dollars of supplies, oh and did I mention that Mr. Visionary has not worked in 4 months.  We have no place to stay and no money to fix this.  I am calling to complain.  If any one has advice on how to fight this please let me know.  I am all but ready to give up on everything.


southernbelle said...

What a bummer of a day! I hope things start looking up for you really quick!

MrsBurns said...

At the very least, they can put the repair charges on an installment plan and spread it over three or six months. I mean, what nut didn't block traffic when the line started sagging? That should be their fault, I would say. Can you email the local newspaper or TV station and see about getting a consumer advocate to help mediate? I am sorry...and don't let a bitter old man ruin your day.

kimmie said...

I am so sorry hon.

If I could, I would let you come here, but I live too far away.

praying for a job for your hubby, and for this to be resolved w/o much money involved.

About the ugly gentleman, you can use him as an example of what NOT to do, what is bad behaviour. I am sure that the children were well behaved, considering the circumstances.

If this were to happen again, perhaps you could drive him there, and drop him off & go back & get him when its done, that way they arent expected by rude people to act like grown ups....

I mean, hello, they are children!

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