Monday, January 22, 2007

jeopardy type questions answered

1. Three times.      How many times do I hit the snooze, every morning?

2. Never, OK, maybe once.     How many times have I gotten up with the first alarm?

3. Last night.    When did my husband hide my alarm clock?

4. Chickens and ducks.  What do I use in place of an outside watchdog?

5. Some kind of meat, I think.  What are Chickens and Ducks?

6. In neat little rows.  How do my chickens and ducks lay there eggs?

7. By using a plunger. How do I help my chickens and ducks lay their eggs?

8. Walnut.  What kind of nut broke my window?

9. Only during a full moon.  When do my chickens and ducks lay their eggs?

10. I was talking too much instead of paying attention.  Why did my husband type all of these stupid questions?

11. I ended up with an ugly mess.   What happened when my husband played with my blog?

12. NO WAY! LOL  Will I ever let my husband on my blog again?

13. From a friend.  Who found me my husband?

14. A long time ago when I was in just a kid.  When did I get my husband?

15. I found it under the car seat of all places a week later.  Where did I find my husband after he played with my blog?

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