Monday, January 8, 2007

More on the cubbies

Boy I wish I knew of a way to ge tpictures off of my cell phone and onto the computer.  Oh well.  Each cubby has 6 spaces.  We use to bottom five for Mon- Fri and the top one holds PJ's.  No body really needs more than 1 pair of PJ's if you can get them washed, dried, and folded before bedtime.  For church clohtes I hang up the boys pants and then drape a T-shirt over that.  Put their shirt on the hanger and if you do ties it can go on the shirt as well.  Most dress socks will fit in the pocket of the shirt.  This really helps keep sundays running smoothly.  It is the one day of the week that they can eat breakfast in their pj's.  I tend to do most of the outside chores on sundays also as it is easier that having them dress in their clothes and then change into church clothes.  Hopefuly we will have all of our routines in place by this summer and things will be running smoothly.  As to milk crates I find they are to big.  They do stack well,  We have tons of them.  I have put them to use in the toy holding dept.  But for cubbies you could put two days worth of clothes into one.  And then the children just jumble everything up.  Here is a link to a pattern for making you own  cubbies.  Simplicity  It will also give you an idea of what ours looks like.


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There is a cord you can buy to move photo's from the cell phone to the computer if you don't have a media package where you can simply email them as a message to your online address.


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