Saturday, February 24, 2007

Another Ice Storm

 Winter Storm Warning Remains IN Effect From 9 PM This Evening To 12 PM EST Sunday...

A Winter Storm Warning Remains IN Effect From 9 PM This Evening To 12 PM EST Sunday.

Sleet And Snow... Possibly Mixed With Freezing Rain... Will Rapidly Develop This Evening. The Sleet And Snow Will Become Heavy At Times Tonight. Significant Accumulations Of Snow And Sleet... Along With Some Freezing Rain And Strong East Winds... Will Create Hazardous Wintry Conditions Through Noon Sunday.

A Winter Storm Warning Means Significant Amounts Of Snow... Sleet... And Ice Are Expected. Strong Winds Are Also Expected. This Will Make Travel Very Hazardous Or Impossible.

Oh boy I wish that global warming would make it's way here.  The last few weeks we have spent a minimum of one day without power.  I am thankful for all of the snow as it keeps us in water.


We went out this morning to get some milk and such and I do not think I will be going into town before a storm.  It seemed as if everyone else was running around trying to stock up on supplies.


But we are all home and safe and sound.  Just waiting for the storm to hit.  Tonight is pizza night and I think we will start Fiddler on The Roof for a movie.   One of our favorites.

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kimmie said...

bless your heart!

wish I could send you some warm your way!

God bless,


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