Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Getting alot done but no fellowship

I have missed you all here so very much.  It helps to know I am not the only one. 

I have been doing alot of sewing and getting things up for sale on ebay.  I am focusing on baby items currently.  Trying to contribute to the income here.  It has been hard these last few months but God has always provided for us. 

I will try to write more tomorrow.


Kitty said...

My daughter worked her way thru college and one of the ways she did that was by selling on eBay. She made loads of money. She had stoped for awhile but started back up this week.

Good luck with everything.


sherry said...

for stopping by my spot and for your advice.

My mom and I have sold a few things on ebay but not with much results. We are wanting to make it more like a business too. Best of luck.



DakotaSoaplady said...

I was trying to make sales on ebay a while back, but it just was not worth it for me. I was selling things for my husband, motorcycle parts and also my stuff too, but it seems like ebay has become a place where people only go to find stuff for little to no money. Or maybe, God just doesn't want us (my husband and myself) selling on ebay. LOL For those who can make it work I say, Yippee and good for you. I am glad it works for some. :)



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