Thursday, March 15, 2007

Our busy week

Wow has this week flown by without a chance to breathe.  On Monday we ended up running around in our old home town trying to get some loose ends tied up.  The children were able to attend a kids program run at my FIL's church.  Will be the last one for them before we move.


Then on Tuesday it was time to run up to a major children's hospital and visit a young boy who has cancer.  It surely makes you thankful for healthy children.  Our youngest is having eye problems but nothing that a patch should not fix. 


Wednesday was a "normal" school day and trying to get some sewing done up.  Same today.  I have been selling purse organizers on ebay and we are going to Pastor's School next week so I want to have some on hand to sell down in Hammond. 

My DH and I really do enjoy our times at this conference.  It is a good time of preaching.  We do stand out a bit but that is to be excpected with the stands we have taken.  One year some one came up and asked me if Bro. Denny was there.  Of course I had no idea.  Just looked like some one from his church I guess. 


This year Ron Hamilton is going to be teaching on music.  I am going to be in all of those classes.  I can not wait.  Just means a week away from you all. 

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