Thursday, March 15, 2007

Text issues

Okay some of you all are saying that you can not read my entries unless you highlight them.  Could you let me know exactly what is going on and then I will try and fix this



morningsunshine said...

i think it's a color scheme thing....

the blue lettering is too dark on the white-spotted cranberry background. I don't know that a lighter color would work either, since you have hte white hearts.

homesteadinthemaking said...

You have probably fixed it by now but if not, it looks great to me.



HSBFrontPorch said...

You might want to try viewing your blog on Firefox, that's the browser that I'm using and I have to highlight things to read them on your blog. Like the first commenter, I see blue lettering on dark maroon background with white hearts.


Anonymous said...

after I read Nancy's comment, I pasted your web address in IE, adn I can read it fine, so there is definatly a difference there. in IE there is a white background that shows between the cranberry and the words.

morningsunshine said...

that last one was mine - i am not logged in on IE


motherearth said...

Ok In Firefox your blog background layers are the pink swirly looking one, and the maroon with white hearts.

In Internet Explorer, the back background is the pink swirly, then the maroon w/white hearts, and the cream colored bkgrd. In IE I can read your blog fine, (looks good by the way) but in Firefox I cannot....which is what I always use.

Maybe you should fine a different code for the cream colored background, test it in both and see if that helps.

If that doesn't work it's a browser issue. I don't think there is anything that can be done about it. We have a company website that works great in IE but you can't see our graphics or slideshows etc in Firefox. There isn't anything we can do because our domain is run by (run by, if that is even the correct term) Explorer...or whoever owns it runs it in explorer.

Try a different cream colored code first....Now that I think about it I wonder what my blog looks like in IE.

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