Thursday, April 19, 2007

I want to go home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Before you get on this and read this just to tell me to buck up I am going to let you know this is my blog.  As a pastor's wife I put on a smilling face and look oh so happy and content in this town  When in side I am crying and oh so lonely and sad.  The ladies in the church are not and were not homemakers and so they think I just sit around and do nothing all day.  To the point of being asked to tutor their granddaughter in reading,  She is 14.  Oh sure I will just slip her in between David and Levi and their spelling.  Oh wait I am homeschooling 4 children with another 2 little ones and oh my I forgot to mention the morning sickness that comes with number seven being on the way.

And with mention of number seven being on the way that brings me to the reason for this entry.  I just got off of the phone with the hospital and boy did they give me the run around.  NO one will deliver a VBAC baby in this town.  Oh they gave me the names of two other hopitals.  Both over 3 hours away.  That is just what I want to do is travel 3 hours while in labor.  They have a no VBAC policy.  I have already had 3 VBAC's and not a problem with any of them.  I asked what they would do if I came to the hospital when the baby was crowning and they said they would have to deliver but any earlier and they would transport me to a different hospital.  The nurse said I was putting my baby at risk if I did that and I responded with letting her know that it was not me but their policy that was putting me at risk.  I also asked if I had an attorney write up a form that relieved them of all risk and that would be legally binding if I could deliver then and it was NO.  I asked if she was advocating an unassisted home delivery and she said that was unacceptable and yet what else is left to do.  Oh boy do I want to go HOME!


HandsNHearts said...

I wish you could all come down here -- we need a good strong pastor with a true deep seated Bible calling...who will preach The Word and not worry about stepping on toes :o( I am so sorry things are not working out for you. The Lord has a plan here...I know you know that, but living it isn't always an easy walk.

As to the VBAC...most hospitals have adopted that policy these days. Had we gone VBAC this time, we would have lost our Miss Emily, and I don't dispute that at all, but we have had 7 babies VBAC without so much as an ill-timed sneeze and all was just fine. Doctors tend to panic any more and caution way out there in left field...probably due in part to the increasing amount of folks suing malpractice when things aren't as they expected.

I hope you can find a suitable plan of action. Are you still in Illinois? I know they aren't the most midwife-happy state, but there are some midwives out there that don't share the issues those hospitals have. You might check out and get on her message forum and ask around. The ladies there are FULL of information on everything pregnancy-related and might have some suggestions and names for you.


countrydreamn said...

Take a big breath. Ok now scream!!! Just kidding.

First know I am praying for you. I know that settling in can be hard, we left the city for here, out in the country, but I did have some adjustments to get used to. It is a major adjustment, even more so for you guys, what with leaving the quiet.

Second can you not do a home birth, with a midwife?(I've had all v-births so I don't know)

I wish that I could help you with the morning sickness, I don't really have any this time, however go read my post from earlier.

MMMM thinking..... what about if you went back to where you moved from had the baby there then just came home???

Trying to help, not doing so though am I. Just rest in Him and it will all work out.

This was all said and sent in love.



annre said...

I'm praying for you that everything works out. Ann

Keeblur said...

I'm praying for you with the VBAC (is that what it's called?). I had three c-sections (I'm a wimp and can handle the pain better once I have my little one in my arms), so don't know anything about the policies and stuff with that. I did have my own disagreements with the hospital on the birth of my second and third children, but we were in Panama at the time.

I just want to encourage you with the new church. I, too, have had in the past to deal with those who think I'm just sitting at home watching The Price is Right, etc. We even left a church because they got downright nasty that I'd actually homeschool instead of putting my children in their expensive church school. Remember that you are doing what God has called you to do. A big clue to that is the fact that there is so much opposition. Whenever I am faced with those who do and say the things they've done to you, I remember that Jesus said (paraphrase, sorry) to be glad when you are persecuted for following him. He desires obedience more than sacrifice, stay obedient to His calling. He is with you in this.

I'll keep you in my prayers,


gokings13 said...

I am so sorry.

My heart breaks for you. I wish I lived closer!

I don't know what a VBAC is, but I will lift up a prayer today asking God to hold you close to Him.


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